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DBXV - Shapeshifting
Luffa meets a young Animal-type Earthling (specifically a cat) named Kemun and he shows her his special trick: Shape-Shifting (変化 Henge approx. "Transformation"), a mysterious art where practitioners learn how to change their body into whatever they can imagine, be it life form or object, however (unlike other transformations in the series) their strength remains the same regardless of the form they take, although they do gain the abilities and characteristics of whatever they turn into (e.g. if they turn into a bat or a rocket, they can fly).

On Earth, it is taught at the Southern Transformation Kindergarten (
南部変身幼稚園 Nanbu Henshin Yōchien), a highly prestigious school that teaches the secret arts of transformation (because apparently shape-shifting is something you can learn to do in the Dragon Ball world, go figure). Kemun was a student there, but was suspended for turning into the principal to make fun of him (although he claims it was because he put him in detention for something he didn't do) so he hasn't graduated yet, as such his transformations are imperfect, see if you can spot the flaw in his transformation. :)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 and 2, two Time Patrollers (NPCs) called Nema and Tenille use this art to become different characters and model the various costumes you can buy, and Tenille says he went to the Southern Transformation Kindergarten himself.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (c) Akira Toriyama,
DBXV - Metallization
Luffa's crossed paths with General Rildo, the commander of the Machine Mutants of Planet M2. He found her to be an interesting specimen so made short work of her with his Metallization (金属化 Kinzoku-ka), his unique ability where he fires a special beam from his mouth that transforms what ever it hits into metal, and turned her into a metal plate so he can take her back to base for analysis.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (c) Akira Toriyama, Namco Bandai
Serena's Sylveon (De)Motivator
I was watching some episodes of the Pokemon X/Y anime (or Pokemon XYZ as it's also known), and I noticed something about Serena's Sylveon, namely that it's unusually small for a Sylveon.

You see, the pokedex in the games says that Sylveon is 3'03 (99.1cm), you know which other pokemon is 3'03? None other than everyone's favorite furry magical girl, Braixen. As you can see from the image above, Serena's Braixen towers over her Sylveon.

Also, in case you're thinking "Maybe Serena's Braixen is just really tall for a Braixen", there are several episodes (and specials) where Serena's Braixen is seen standing near Clemont's Luxray; the games' pokedex says that Luxray is 4'07 (1.4m), and Clemont's Luxray is slightly taller than Serena's Braixen in all those episodes/specials, indicating that Serena's Braixen is (at least roughly) the correct height for a Braixen.

Now I'm not saying that Serena's Sylveon being small for a Sylveon is a bad thing or a plot hole or anything like that, just that it seems to be the case here. There have been other examples of members of a species of pokemon varying in size both in the anime and the games. For example, Ash's Charizard, who is apparently small compared to other Charizards. For an example from the games, there's Ride Pokemon in Pokemon Sun/Moon like the Mudsdale, who is much shorter than 8'02 (2.5m) and Machamp, who seems to be bigger than the average Machamp (which are 5'03 according to the 'dex) since you can find Machamps all over Alola and stand next to them showing that the player character is roughly the same height as a Machamp.

Pokemon (c) GameFreak, Nintendo, OLM Inc.


Jonathan Kent-Fox
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As you may or may not know by now from my "Peculiar Pokedex" series of pics, I've gotten back into Pokemon. However, that doesn't mean I don't have a few minor complaints about the series: IVs and their implications of eugenics, the Friendship grinding for certain pokemon being tedious, SOS encounters (specifically the fact that the wild pokemon can attack and call for help in the same turn), and the fact that I'm thoroughly convinced the Battle Tree/Island/etc. specifically puts you up against trainers that you're at a complete disadvantage against.
However there's one thing about the series that annoys me more than anything else.

Event Pokemon

For those that don't know, "Event Pokemon" is a colloquial term for pokemon in the games that you can only get legally from an event (such as a Pokemon movie premier), video game store or theme park.

Here's the problem I have with this: Event Pokemon are essentially a glorified form of paid DLC, and it's the most obnoxious kind of DLC, the kind that is only available for a limited time. It creates a haves and have-nots scenario where only some people have them and everyone else doesn't, just because they happened to be at the right place at the right time and paid money to get them. It's the same kind of mindset behind free-to-play games where the people who fork over the cash get all the cool exclusive stuff, but here it's even worse because a) it's a game you've already paid for and b) it's for a limited time only, and unlike the "ultimate editions" of various other games, these Event Pokemon never get released in other installments. Basically, this means that without going to these events (which isn't possible for everyone) and spending extra money, you can never have a complete Pokemon game with all the content. Jim Sterling has made a ton of videos complaining about game developers/publishers taking content out of their games to sell them separately, so it perplexes me that he's never talked about this (especially considering he likes to give Nintendo a bollocking lately, not undeservedly either).

Another reason it annoys me is that many Event Pokemon are extremely powerful (Arceus is literally the God of Pokemon for crying out fuck!) so it can essentially be seen as a case of pay-to-win.
There is only one other solution to this: cheating. Whether it's using a cheat device like GameShark or hacking the game's coding, the only way most people can get Event Pokemon is by cheating, because this is what happens when you make it is so difficult and inconvenient to get content for your games the "legitimate" way, people have to resort to this because they can't get it otherwise.

Whether it was Nintendo's idea or GameFreek's idea, the concept of Event Pokemon piss me off.



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