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DBXV - Chinjo Scouter by El-Drago-800
DBXV - Chinjo Scouter
Chinjo demonstrating the use of a Scouter (スカウター Sukautā), a device originally invented by the Tuffles* designed to analyze and convert a person's Battle Power into a numeric unit. It resembles a headphone with a lens of varying colors that (somehow) connects over the left ear. They have a global range, being able to detect the location of Battle Powers, and can also function as a communicator and a radar. All with one button, how? Who the [BLEEP] knows! :P If they analyze a Battle Power that's too high for it process, it will overload and explode. There are various different models:
  • Old Model Scouters: The earliest model that are used by the Saiyan warriors. They have a BP processing limit of 22,000 before overloading.
  • New Model Scouters: A later model that has a BP processing limit exceeds 22,000. Dodoria uses one of these.
  • Newest Model Scouters: The most recent model used by the Ginyu Force and Freeza that calculates not only a person's Battle Power, being able to go above 180,000, but the exact distance to them. They also have a thinner and sharper design, probably to make them more aerodynamic.
  • Converted Scouter: Raditz' Scouter that Bulma repaired and modified to display Earth numbers. It has the word "FIGHT" displayed while processing it. (it's the same kind Chinjo is using)
  • There is also a model that has the lens covering both eyes. Tagoma from Resurrection of F and Dragon Ball Super uses one of these.
In the game, they're (presumably) manufactured and supplied by Capsule Corporation and can be equipped to add an extra effect to the first-person view which lets you see what level enemies are at and what their skill set is. They can also locate items in the stage.

Battle Power (戦闘力 Sentō-ryoku), otherwise known as Power Level, is the measurement of the person's ki power and fighting ability. The average adult human has a Battle Power of 5, to put that in perspective, at the start of the Dragon Ball manga/anime, Son Goku had a Battle Power of 10. People who can sense ki can also sense the power of a person's ki and their location, meaning they don't need Scouters.

*This is only stated in the anime. Daizenshuu's Item Dictionary doesn't say who invented it in the manga, just that they're used by Freeza's army.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (c) Akira Toriyama, Bandai
DBXV - Chinjo's Capsule House by El-Drago-800
DBXV - Chinjo's Capsule House
Chinjo demonstrating the use of a Hoi Poi Capsule (ホイポイカプセル Hoipoi Kapuseru), a device invented by Dr Briefs to store objects in small containers to make transporting them much easier.

They use revolutionary technology in which the objects in question are designed to convert into particles which are stored in the capsule and then, by pushing the button, re-configures their molecular structure to its original form. Because conservation of mass is for pussies. :P

P.S. Also been trying out some shading.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (c) Akira Toriyama, Bandai

DBXV - What A Coincidence by El-Drago-800
DBXV - What A Coincidence
So I was playing Undertale I went on a date with Alphys the otaku lizard, like you do, and Undyne showed up and Alphys confessed her love and it's all very sweet and touching, but then I thought to myself "Wait a minute, a redheaded passionate heroine and a shy nerdy girl are a couple?", so I went through my submissions to check the dates, and that's when I realized...


I did the "redheaded warrior and nerdy girl lesbian couple" thing before it was cool! :D I feel like such hipster trash... :P

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (c) Akira Toriyama, Bandai
Undertale (c) Toby Fox


Jonathan Kent-Fox
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Wow... I don't know what to say... I'll be honest, I never thought I'd get that many.

Thank you all so much.Happy Cry Huggle! 

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