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DBXV - Luffa Round Spaceship :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 2 1 DBXV - Luffa Senzu :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 1 3
Chozenshu 4 Special Attack Dictionary
アイビーム Ai Bīmu
Eye Beam
[Cat.] Ability
[Peo.] Artificial Human No. 19, Artificial Human No. 20, Luud, San Xing Long
[Par.] A technique where the energy stored in the body is gathered in the eyeballs and fired out with a glance. It has enough destructive power to destroy half of a city in one shot. They used it in their battle with Goku and the others on Southern Island.
[A.] The Machine Mutant Luud in "DBGT" specializes in firing destructive beams from his eyes. San Xing Long, the evil dragon that manipulates ice fires freezing beams from his eyes, making everything ice and tormenting Goku.
往復ビンタ Ōfuku Binta
Round Trip Slap
[Cat.] Physical Martial Art
[People] Chi-Chi
[Par.] In "DBGT", because Goten while infected with Baby left Vegeta, Chi-Chi unleashed this to teach him a lesson.
エネルギー吸収 Enerugī Kyūshū
:iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 1 0
DBXV - Luffa vs Hit :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 3 3
Daizenshuu 4 - System of Techniques in DB
The Technique System of Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball introduced varied systems of famous techniques that colored the battles. They are divided into three large detailed categories, Ki Manipulation Techniques, Physical Martial Art Techniques, and Special Techniques.
Ki Manipulation Techniques
There is a mysterious energy hidden inside the human body. Using the substantial energy converted from this internal energy, it can create a powerful special attack.
It is said that everyone has ki. It is Ki Manipulation Techniques (気功技 Kikō-waza "Mind Power Attack") that utilize the power of this ki. In the world of Dragon Ball, many warriors, such as Goku, use many ki manipulation techniques, albeit with different names and forms. However, public knowledge of ki manipulation techniques is poor, Mister Satan (Hercule) mistook the ki manipulation techniques used by Goku as simple tricks.
Basic Type (
:iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 0 0
Fennekin Anime (De?)Motivational :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 1 0 DBXV - Luffa Bunny Costume :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 2 3 DBXV - Luffa vs Arqua :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 1 3 DBXV - Luffa Fighting Jacket :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 2 5 The Peculiar Pokedex - Braixen :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 1 1 DBXV - Luffa Massage :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 1 7 DBXV - Luffa Ball of Light Type Ki Blast :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 1 5 DBXV - Yasaiman VS Kinnikuman :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 1 3 DBXV - Chima Zanzoken :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 2 0 DBXV - The Universe :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 4 2 DBXV - Chima's Imprisonment :iconel-drago-800:El-Drago-800 2 3


Scp-811 :iconrainbowacidxd:RainbowAcidXD 1 1 Scp-811 :iconrainbowacidxd:RainbowAcidXD 1 1 Scp-040 doodle :iconminnamew:MinnaMew 2 0 Scp-040 :iconminnamew:MinnaMew 4 0 SCP-040 :iconutaukaba:utaukaba 5 0 Like Turning from SpongeBob to Squidward... - Meme :iconlassietheartist:LassieTheArtist 7 0 FISH WIFE :iconwazzaldorp:Wazzaldorp 210 19 42 in 2017 ~ Day 23 :iconjerantino:Jerantino 17 0 Syl'khee/Silkie Motivational Poster :iconhawkheart29:Hawkheart29 19 3 Koriand'r 80's!AU :iconnoruuuu:Noruuuu 5 0 Kineo (Xenoverse 2) :iconthenekostar:TheNekoStar 60 45 Toons of Danger :iconzgrooz:Zgrooz 27 11
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Mature content
Raven NUDE :iconnaan-ana:NaaN-AnA 126 12
Gundyne :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 651 45
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A taste of rainbow :iconmigueruchan:migueruchan 47 1


DBXV - Luffa Round Spaceship
When she was little, Luffa found Kyurio's Round Spaceship (丸型宇宙船 Maru-gata Uchūsen), a small one-manned spherical spaceships piloted by Freeza's subordinates, and accidentally activated it launching her into space. Kyurio's is bigger than usual due to his own massive size. Kyurio was able to bring it back as he had the Spaceship Remote (宇宙船のリモコン Uchūsen no Rimokon) for it, he then hit the remote's self-destuct switch so it wouldn't happen again.

There's also different variants of Round Spaceships.
  • Space Pod (宇宙ポッド Uchū Poddo): This is the one Goku came to Earth in. It has the function of projecting the image of a full moon to transform a Saiyan into an giant ape. Not sure how that works considering how the giant ape transformation is supposed to work, but oh well that's filler for you.
  • Ginyu Special Squadron's Space Pod (ギニュー特戦隊の宇宙ポッド Ginyū Toku Sentai no Uchū Poddo): These ones are used by the Ginyu Special Squadron. They have keyboards for inputting the destination, are designed to lessen the shock when landing and of course have the Ginyu Special Squad's insignia on it.
In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Round Spaceship is a DLC vehicle named "Vehicle Capsule #318" for getting around Conton City.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (c) Akira Toriyama, Namco Bandai
DBXV - Luffa Senzu
Luffa knows that Senzu (仙豆 "Hermit Bean") are supernatural beans cultivated by Karin the Hermit Cat (仙猫 Senbyō) at the top of Karin Tower (カリン塔 Karin-tō) that completely heal the body (minus diseases) and restore the stamina and energy (ki) of those who eat them. What she didn't know is that just one bean fills their stomach for 10 days. As such, having a big appetite, she helped herself to some of them after Karin said "make yourself at home".

:iconkorinplz::iconsaysplz:How many did you eat?
:iconluffahyotanplz::iconsaysplz:Ooohhh... I don't know... I lost count...
:iconyajirobeplz::iconsaysplz:37. I know because I was keeping count.
:iconkorinplz::iconsaysplz:Why didn't you stop her?!
:iconyajirobeplz::iconsaysplz:Honestly, I thought it was funny.
:iconluffahyotanplz::iconsaysplz:I feel sick...
:iconkorinplz::iconsaysplz:Why do I still let you live up here?
:iconyajirobeplz::iconsaysplz:Because you love me.
:iconkorinplz::iconsaysplz:For the 100th time, I'm a cat, you're a human, it's not gonna work!
:iconyajirobeplz::iconsaysplz:Not with that attitude.
:iconluffahyotanplz::iconsaysplz:Can someone please take me to a hospital...?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (c) Akira Toriyama, Bandai


Jonathan Kent-Fox
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So if you don't hear from me for the next week or so, you now know why.



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